Magos & Magos is a group of individual lawyer’s offices, founded under the Romanian Law no. 51/1995, which has the aim of practicing the lawyer’ s profession by using common assets and infrastructures.

The group has been registered and approved by the Mureş County Lawyer’s Bar Association with no. 57/2007 and has it’s seat in Târgu-Mureş, 12 Retezatului Str., Romania. Every case is assigned to one of the group’s individual lawyer’s offices, in accordance to the option of the client.

The content of this website is exclusively meant to inform, does not represent the official point of view of the group or it’s lawyers. Although every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy and actuality of the data, we exclude all liability for the content of the pages. The information does not represent legal advice, in this matter please contact directly one of our lawyers.

Any kind of copying, download, printing, distribution or reference to the site is permitted only in the form described on the pages or with the prior written consent of the lawyers of Magos & Magos. All legal issues regarding this website are governed by the laws of Romania, competent jurisdiction is at law court Târgu-Mureş.